100+ Amazing types of website creating ideas

types of websites creating ideas

We need to figure out which types of websites should we create while starting a new website. That’s why I am providing you with the 100+ Amazing types of website creating ideas here. You can easily decide & start your online journey.

Types of website creating ideas

Portfolio Website

Portfolio websites are a common and popular website category for branding yourself. You can create a brand of your own self and promote it online by creating a portfolio website. Also, you can share your blogs, ideas, skills, or any type of suggestion that will be helpful to others. As you can see my ProficientMan is my own self-branding website. Here I share Digital Marketing and Web Development as a service. You can contact us to create a portfolio website for your own self-branding. Contact me: [email protected]

Corporate Website

The corporate website is a common and popular type of website creating ideas. On a corporate website, you can share your company info, your company rules, and regulations, Share your company updates, and Update vacancies for jobs. On a corporate website, you can share as a company holder. If you are a corporate businessman then it is another types of website creating idea.

Landing Page Website

A landing page website means a website in which one page is the main page and it has all info and sections combined on the same page. You can create a landing page website to share your intro, services, about, reviews, and a contact form for contact. On a landing page website, there is no need for extra pages to create you can connect the whole page with info.

Resume Website

You can create a Resume type website. On a resume website, you can add your qualifications to publish worldwide. Also, you can use it for applying for any job worldwide. A resume website will help you to get the job. Also, you can make a template for a resume as another types of website creating idea.

E-Commerce Website

If you want to do business then an e-commerce website is for you. Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba do business online as e-commerce companies. You can do like them. You need to create an e-commerce website. For an e-commerce website, you can create a website using WordPress, or Shopify.

If you want to do dropshipping on your website you can also create an eCommerce website to sell products online. Shopify can be a great choice for you. Just create a website and start earning.

Personal Website

If you want to represent yourself online then the personal website is an awesome type of website. Also, you can share your lifestyle or your opinion on your personal website. Just you need a domain and hosting to get started.

Entertainment Website

Netflix Is an entertainment website. You can create an entertainment website for your company or media. Worldwide there is a huge demand for entertainment content. If you have passion then you can get started by creating an entertainment website. It is also a good types of website creating idea.

Branding Website

Most popular brands have their own branding website. Branding a website can help the branding company to get an online reputation. If you are a brand or company that wants to brand your website just create a website. If you are a developer then you could create a branding website.

News Website

News websites publish everyday news online. You can create a news website to share daily news to your country or worldwide. Like BBC or CNN they provide daily news posts on their online websites. So you can also create like this.

Media Website

Media websites are those that publish news as well as they publish video content. Most of the time they provide video-type news and share worldwide updates by their reporter. Media website shares daily content like TV.

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Job Boards Website

Job boards are a great way to find a job in your field of interest. However, many people do not know how to use these sites effectively. You can create Job Boards sites that allow others to search for jobs by keyword.

Motivational website

A motivational website is a website that provides information to help its visitors achieve their goals. A motivational website offers tips, suggestions, and advice on achieving success in life, career, or personal lifestyle. Motivational sites are made up of blogs, podcasts, and articles written by experts in the field who offer their readers practical advice on how they can achieve their goals. It is also the best types of website creating idea.

Wedding planner Website

A wedding planner website is a type of website that offers guidance for those planning their wedding. This guidance can come in the form of information about venues, catering services, and dress designers. … Wedding planner’s websites also provide vendors with details on how to book tables or order flowers. which is a great types of website creating idea.

Political Website

A political website is a website that provides information on politics or government. Political websites often take an editorial stance and may have links to other sites with similar views. To some, they are also known as opinion websites because they provide opinions on current issues and sometimes offer news stories on new developments in the world of politics.

Government Website

A government website is a website that contains information about the policies and procedures of a country’s government. A government website can be used by both citizens and non-citizens, who are interested in finding out what their government is up to. The content on these sites usually includes news items, laws, tax information, education links, employment opportunities, and public services.

Educational Website

An educational website is a website that provides information about a topic. An example of an educational website would be the site for the University of Phoenix.

Crowdfunding Website

A crowdfunding site is a website that provides an online platform for individuals and small businesses to raise money by offering financial rewards. In return, these campaigns are expected to provide the contributor with something of value in return.

Biography Website

A biography website is a website that provides information about the life of an individual. This can include their personal history, professional achievements, educational background, and also family members.

Affiliate Website

Affiliate marketing allows you to make money by referring people to products and services offered by other companies. In exchange for you promoting their product or service, the company pays a commission (or fee) when someone purchases the product or service. This is an excellent way to build a passive income stream from your internet business without having to sell anything directly yourself! To earn money these types of website creating idea is the best and most suitable.

Auction Sites

A site or place where items are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Examples of auction sites include eBay, Kijiji, and Craigslist.

Nonprofit Website

A nonprofit website is a website that has one or more purposes other than to make money. Nonprofits are oftentimes funded by grants and donations, but some websites use advertising revenue to fund their activities as well.

Blockchain Website

A blockchain website is a website that uses blockchain technology to store and transmit data. The information stored in a blockchain is secured by cryptography, which makes it difficult for anyone other than the intended recipient to alter.

Web Development Website

A website is a type of online publication that includes text, images, audio, and video. The main purpose of a website is to provide information or service to the public while providing users with an easy way to access this information. Web development websites are used by companies and individuals to create their own web pages for commercial use or personal use.

It can be difficult to define what your business’s website should look like without the help of professional designers who specialize in web design. Many website templates are pre-made that’s why you create these types of websites for website creating ideas.

Charity Website

A charity website is a website that provides information on charities and causes. Charity websites are usually created by people who are passionate about their cause and want to share it with others. These websites can be used for numerous purposes such as raising money, spreading awareness, or simply finding out more about the organization you are donating to.

Photography Website

A photography website is a website that provides information about various types of photographic equipment, photo editing software, and how to capture better photographs. These types of websites creating an idea are very popular for photographers as you can share and connect with your audience easily.

Car repair website

A car repair website is one that sells parts, tools, and supplies for repairing automobiles. Car repair websites are also known as auto part stores or auto parts retailers. If you have a car repair shop then you can create these types of websites to share with others you are repairing cars.

Worker Finder Website

A worker finder is a website that allows you to search for workers based on the type of job you need to be done. It enables you to post an ad and then provides a list of available workers who are able to do the work. The site will also provide information about each individual work such as their qualifications, experience, and location. This is the best types of website to do dropship type work. You will help others easily to find worker and took commission, which is great website creating idea.

Web Portal Website

A web portal is a site that provides access to multiple resources, such as products and services, via a single point of entry. A web portal can be created using an existing website or by creating an entirely new one from scratch. Web portals have become increasingly popular since the introduction of the Internet in the early-1990s.

Ride-Sharing Website

A ride-sharing website is a form of online transportation that allows members to share cars and vans with other users through an online application. Ride-sharing websites allow people who live in the same location or have similar travel needs, to connect and find carpooling partners.

Community Forums Website

A community forum website is a website that allows the user to post questions, answers, and comments. The site usually has a moderated system where users can submit content and vote for their favorites or not. Once submitted, the content stays on the site until voted off by other members of the forum. If a member is banned from posting on the forums he/she will no longer be able to access them at all

Web Directory Website

A Web directory is a database website that makes it possible for people to find websites and other resources on the Internet. A Web directory may contain information about a particular topic, such as business or technical sites, or it may be a guide to finding all kinds of useful information on the World Wide Web.

Resources Website

There are many websites that offer resources on a variety of topics. However, not all these sites offer the same level of information and quality. Many websites have been created to help people find information on the Internet. You can crate resources website to give info to your audience.

Personal Blog Website

There are many different types of blogs out there today. Some of them are professional and some of them are personal blogs. If you want to start a blog, then it is an awesome idea.

Business Blog Website

A business blog is a website that contains information about your company, products, and services. Business blogs are used as an online marketing tool to keep customers aware of your product or service. The goal is to keep customers informed on new products and events that occur in the world of business.

Real State Website

Real estate is the land and buildings that are used to provide a home (or places of residence) for people. Real estate can be owned, rented out, or leased. When buying real estate, you are essentially making an investment in property that will appreciate over time. By renting it out, you can generate a steady income from the rental payments made by tenants who use your property as their main place of residence.

Coupon Website Website

A coupon-giving website is a website that allows users to post coupons or discounts that people can use in their local area. Users are able to create an account, and submit coupons for other people to use at local stores. Coupon-giving websites allow users to save money on the products they buy by providing them with the savings of having bought from a store instead of spending more money buying these items online or from other sources.

Photo Sharing Website

A photo-sharing website is a website where people can upload and share photos with their friends. These websites use the Internet to make it easier for users to send images to one another. Examples of photo-sharing sites include Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, and MySpace.

Social Media Network Website

A social media network website is a website that allows users to interact with other people through the use of various features such as blogs, personal pages, groups, and forums. Social media networks are typically free or paid. Users can upload their own content and share it with others on the site. … Examples of popular social media sites include MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Search Engine Website

A search engine is a program or service that allows you to search for web pages on the Internet. The purpose of a search engine is to provide users with access to information from websites and other sources.

Catalog Or Brochure Website

A catalog or brochure website is one that can be used to display a large number of photographs and information about products. Some examples of catalog or brochure websites are Sears, Target, JCPenney, eBay, and Amazon.

Wiki Website

A wiki is a website that allows users to add, modify, and remove the text or other media files. A wiki’s content can be edited by anyone with access to the site; wikis are often used as collaborative websites. The name wiki comes from the Hawaiian word “Wikiwiki”, which means quick or fast.

Dropshipping Website

A dropshipping website is a marketplace that allows you to sell products or services for a commission. Some sites allow sellers to list items for free and pay the shipping costs, while others require sellers to purchase their own listing and ship products themselves.

Photo Editing Website

A photo editing website is a website that is used for creating and editing pictures. Photos can be uploaded from cameras, phones, or other digital devices such as the web camera. The photos are then edited using one of many different tools available on the site including adding text, drawing with a pencil, painting with an airbrush, or simply changing the background color and positioning of objects in the picture.

Video Editing Website

A video editing website is a website that has the purpose of providing users with easy access to video editing software. These websites are usually used by individuals who would like to upload videos they have created on their computers and then edit them.

Lead Generation Website

A lead generation website is a website designed to promote online leads for businesses and other organizations. A lead generation website can be used by individuals and business owners interested in selling their products or services, as well as by marketers who are looking for new clients.

Keyword Research Website

A keyword research website is a website that provides you with the best possible keywords to help you generate more traffic, leads, and sales. A good keyword research website will provide you with hundreds of search terms related to your business, industry, or niche. You can then use these keywords in your articles or even create new content based on those terms.

Digital Marketing Website

A digital marketing website is a website that provides the audience with information and content to help them make purchase decisions on products. Digital marketing is defined as the use of digital technologies in order to reach, attract and convert customers into brand advocates.

Poetry Website Website

A poetry website is a website where you can find poems, poetry articles, and poetry books. The poetry site contains information regarding the history of poetry with links to related sites on the internet. IF you are a good poet-writer you can create these types of websites. This are a unique website creating ideas to share poetry.

Translation website

A translation website is a website that provides free or paid online translation services. The main difference between a translation site and an online language school is that the former simply offers people a service to translate text, whereas the latter may also offer other language-related services such as intensive courses, exam preparation, and so on.

NotePad Website

A WEB-based note-taking application that provides a rich editor for creating, editing, and storing notes. These types of website creating idea can help you to show ads on the notepad website and earn money from them.

Website Analysis website

The process of analyzing a website to determine what information the website is providing, how well the user interface facilitates access to that information, and whether or not it meets other quality criteria.

Book Reader Website

A book reader website is a website that allows users to read and download ebooks. Book readers are useful for people who do not have access to the internet or other devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. The majority of book readers are web-based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Bookmarking Website

Bookmarking is a process to save web pages and other resources in an easy-to-access location on your computer or mobile device. Bookmarking is accomplished by creating bookmarks (or favorites) of the websites you visit often, which can be saved to your hard drive, memory stick, or another storage medium.

Page Speed Testing Website

Page speed testing is a method for determining the performance of web pages. Page speed is determined by how quickly HTML and other code are transferred from server to client, as well as how often those requests are made.

Business Directory

A business directory is a list of companies and their locations. Business directories are used by businesses to find the right contacts, rate products or services, or locate suppliers. A business directory provides easy access to all kinds of businesses with one central source.

Freelancing website

A freelancing website is a website that offers services to help people with various tasks such as writing, designing, or programming. Freelancers are able to make money by completing specific jobs for different clients. Some examples of websites where you can offer your services include Amazon Mechanical Turk and Upwork.

Image Compression Website

An image compression website is a website that allows users to upload one or more images and then compress the image(s) into a smaller file size. The user can then download this compressed version of the original image, usually at a lower resolution.

Virus Checking website

If you are a professional in software security and analysis. You can create a virus-checking website like a virus total company. It could be the best option to help people to check their files are safe. You can create it to check not only files but also checking the links to get a higher response.

Domain Info Website

You can create a Domain info website to share worldwide domain hosting providers’ info. You can use various hosting providers and check by measuring the services of the domain hosting company. You can share domain buying info or you can share their hosting pack info. This type of website you can say is a microblogging website.

Domain Hosting Company Website

A Domain Hosting Company is a company that provides Internet domain name registration and management services to individuals or companies. A domain name is the address of an Internet website, like www.example.com

Video Streaming Website

A video streaming website is a web-based service that allows users to watch videos. Video streaming websites are used for entertainment purposes and are available in many different forms, including television shows, movies, live sports events, music concerts, and more.

Advertisers website

A website that is used to advertise products or services.

Religious website

A religious website is a website that focuses on promoting the teachings of one or more religions. Religious websites are usually devoted to a particular religion, and often have an online forum where members can discuss their beliefs with others who also share their faith.

Matrimony website

A matrimony website is a website that helps people search for their soulmates. It provides tools to help people find potential partners and also provides access to profiles of thousands of individuals. Matrimony websites are often used by couples looking for someone who shares their religious beliefs, political views, or similar interests.

Dating Website

A dating website is a website that specializes in the service of matching potential lovers with one another, either for casual relationships or for more serious romantic relationships. Dating websites have become popular in recent years as their popularity and usage have spread.

Interview Website

An interview website is a personal website that allows you to post your resume and let people search through the resumes of others. Potential employers can review all the applicant’s qualifications in one place, as well as get information about how long they have been working at their current job.

Story Sharing Website

Story Sharing Website is the most popular website that allows users to share and read stories online. It was launched in November of 2004. Story Sharing Website provides an easy way to draw people’s attention by delivering a large number of interesting stories, which are written by active authors on daily basis.

CPA Website

A CPA website is an electronic form of a traditional print tax filing that allows you to file your taxes online. A CPA website enables you to prepare and file your federal, state, and local income taxes electronically via the Internet at home or from the office.

Video Game Website

A video game website is one that contains information about games, reviews of the newest games, and other related content. Video game websites are a great source for information on new games as well as an interesting place to visit.

Question And Answer Website

A question and answer website is a website where people can ask questions and other users will give answers. The site allows members to post questions and then gives the members an opportunity to respond by posting their own answers.

Android App Download Website

An Android App Download Website is a website that allows you to download and install an application on your phone or tablet. The app can range from games, utilities, and other applications. There are many apps available for free through the Google Play Store, but some users may prefer downloading them directly from their device.

Software Download Website

A PC software download website is a website that allows the user to download PC software. The PC software may be any type of program, from games and utilities to office suites and communication programs.

Courier Website

A courier website is a type of website that delivers information to all visitors at once. It is similar to emailing someone but with more security and privacy. … For example, if you are sending an email from your personal Yahoo account, it will be sent out as one message to everyone in your address book; if you set up a new Yahoo account for the purpose of messaging, only the people on the new account’s contact list will receive an email from you; on a courier site like www

A cooking-related website is a website that has information about or offers recipes for, a particular type of food. Cooking-related websites are often very informative and can provide you with detailed instructions on how to prepare your favorite dishes.

Micro websites

A micro-website is a small website that only has a few pages and takes up very little space on the web page. Micro websites are generally used to showcase products or services, but can also be used for information about your company.

Film Review Website

Film Review Website is a website that provides reviews of Hollywood movies. The primary focus of the site is to provide movie reviews from professional critics and other film analysts who review movies for a living.

Datacenter website

A datacenter is a facility that stores, processes and distributes data. The term “datacenter” was first coined in the mid-1980s by Charles Babbage as he described his plans for an interactive computer to be used at PARC (Palo Alto Research Center). The word Datacenter means “place where data is stored”.

Collaboration website

A collaboration website is one of a large number of websites that allow individuals and groups to work together on a project. Collaboration sites have been around since the beginning of the Internet, but they have recently gained popularity in recent years as people are finding it easier to collaborate with others through such mediums.

Worker Finder Website

A worker finder website helps people to search for and apply for jobs. These websites are used by job seekers to help them look for a new job, manage their online presence, and keep up with employment news. Worker finder sites also offer services such as resume management, salary negotiation assistance, and more.

How-To Website

A how-to guide is a website that offers instructions on how to do something. How-To websites are the most popular type of website and they receive the most traffic. You can find all kinds of useful information on how-to websites including recipes, tutorials, home improvement tips, and more!

Fashion Website

A fashion website is a type of website that sells clothing and accessories. These websites include online catalogs with descriptions, pictures, and prices for each item. Some fashion websites sell only to consumers, while others are available to wholesale customers as well. … A fashion site can be found on the Internet through the use of the search engine or through an Internet service provider (ISP) such as Yahoo! or Lycos which specializes in search engines for web pages.

Influencers Website

Influencers are individuals who have mastered the art of influencing others. They have a large amount of influence over people as they can command their audience to do what they want them to do. Influencers are very influential in shaping the opinions and actions of their followers, without even having direct control over them. An influencer is a person with a social media following that has the ability to make or break someone’s career or personal life.

Online Courses Website

A website that offers online courses for free is an online training site that provides instruction on a topic. Online courses are web-based classes where the student learns at his or her own pace. This type of education is available from accredited universities and other organizations, allowing students to learn whenever they have access to the Internet.

DIY And Craft website

DIY and craft websites are websites that have content relating to do-it-yourself (DIY) or craft activities. DIY/craft-related websites include articles on how to make things like cool projects, crafts, tips for getting started in the hobby, and learning new skills.

Travel Website

A website that provides information about travel to various destinations. If you are a traveler then you can write blogs on the travel website. Also, you can sell tickets for various destinations. You can be a guide for travelers by creating a travel website and it is a great type of website creating idea.

Local History website

A local history website is a website that has information about the history of a particular place or geographic area. The term “local history” refers to the study and documentation of past events, people, and places within a given locality as opposed to national or international studies. Local histories are often used for school projects and research papers.

Book Review Website

A book review is a written piece of work that presents an author’s opinion on the content, style, and execution of a specific book. The purpose of writing a book review is to provide readers with honest insight into what they are about to read. A book review often contains critical analysis, such as comparing the merits and flaws of different books in the same genre or reviewing how well certain aspects were executed by each author.

Fan Club Website

A personal website that provides information about a person or organization. Fan clubs are usually created by fans of celebrities, recording artists, athletes, and politicians. The fan club website usually contains news and information about the celebrity or other person being discussed on the site.

The majority of fan club sites are set up as a form of communication between fans around the world who share an interest in their favorite star. Fan clubs may be unofficial, but they can also generate revenue for their creators by selling merchandise such as T-series fan club.

Audio Streaming Website

An audio streaming website is a website where users can listen to music (audio) without downloading the songs or albums. The user simply clicks a button and then listens to the song or album that they want.

Podcast Website

A podcast website is a website that hosts audio and video podcasts. Podcasts are essentially audio recordings of interviews, readings, or performances. The term was first used in the early 2000s by Howard Stern on his popular radio show. Today there are many popular podcast websites such as iTunes, Google Play Music, SoundCloud, and Stitcher available to users worldwide for free to listen to their favorite shows.

Radio Website

A radio website is an online radio station that streams its programming live, 24/7. Radio websites are a great way to listen to your favorite stations in real-time from any location with an Internet connection.

Animal Caring Website

An animal-loving website is a website where people can go and learn about animals, their care for them and maybe even adopt one. This site is intended to help out any person who has an interest in the field of animal caring.

Privacy Policy Maker Website

A privacy policymaker website is a website that allows the user to create and customize their own Privacy Policy. A Privacy Policy is an important document that governs how your personal information will be handled by your organization, such as in case of a data breach or other security incident. It also states what you can do with your data, whether it’s shared with third parties, used for marketing purposes, etc.

Kids and Parenting website

A website aimed at children aged between 0-14 years old, providing parenting advice and information.

Romantic Website

A romantic website is a site that helps people to find love. Although often associated with dating sites, any type of site can be used for this purpose.

Viral Content Website

A viral content website is a website that has been designed to encourage people to share it with others. These websites are typically designed in such a way as to make them easy to interact with and share, but they also have the capacity of making them difficult for users to navigate around within the site.

Weight Loss Website

A weight-loss website is a website that has information on how to lose weight. Most of the websites are designed for women, but men can also use them as well. Some people would say that it’s not a good idea to use a weight loss website because they don’t guarantee that you will lose weight. Also, some sites contain advertisements and other products related to losing weight which means that you may end up spending more money than what you should spend. So, you can create a website as a good

Sports Website

A sports website is a website that publishes articles related to sporting events. You can watch daily sports or if you are a fan of sports then you can create it easily as a great types of website creating idea for the sports lover.

Survey Website

A survey website is a type of website where you can answer questions about yourself or your opinions on other topics. You fill out a form with the answers to your questions and then you are given some sort of reward for completing the survey. Survey sites can be used by businesses to gather information from their customers, such as age, income level, gender, etc.

Email Marketing Website

An email marketing website is a website where an organization offers free email lists to the public. Typically, recipients can opt-in or out of any emails that are sent from the website. Email marketing websites allow you to create an email list and send targeted emails about your company or product.

Truth And Dare Website

Truth And Dare (also known as Truth and Dare, TND, or T&D) is a website where people post their secrets and dare each other to take on the challenge. The secrets are often sexual in nature, but some can be as simple as drinking a beer before you go to bed.


There are so many different ways to create a web page for Amazing types of websites creating ideas, and you can use any type of software to make your own site. You could make an online store with an e-commerce program like Opencart or Magento, or you could just use one of the many free templates available on the internet and start designing right away!

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