15 best wordpress free themes in 2023

Best wordpress free themes

WordPress is the world’s best framework nowadays that is used by a huge audience. To run a WordPress website you need a theme. Today I will reveal the names of the best wordpress free themes that you can use on the WordPress website to get a modern look.

What is wordpress?

WordPress basically a framework. We know all web programming the mother is HTML and for designing that is CSS. We need to add this component to build up a website from the beginning. To make an advanced website we need too many functionalities on a website.

At this point, the wordpress framework helps highly. WordPress built with PHP. You need a theme and plugin to get started with a wordpress website. Before that, you need domain and hosting.

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Why Best WordPress Free Themes?

If we have a simple website then we can easily share blogs, news, updates, or portfolio. to share it simply we do not need any premium theme. Just we can start our journey using any of the most popular wordpress free themes.

That’s why I am creating a list of free wordpress themes to make your journey easier. You can use my recommended theme as well as their premium ones.

How to choose a free theme?

In the wordpress directory, there are thousands of free themes are available. But all of them can not be suitable for you. You have to choose the best wordpress free themes for your website.

to choose the best theme you have to see first what that website provides. Then you have to check if that theme is lightweight or not. Then you have to see which builder that site uses to build a website. If a heavy builder is used then the site will be not perfect for you. So you have to select a light one. Then you have to see the reviews to identify if the theme is trustworthy.

Here I will use that concept and my experience about the themes after using It on WordPress. By that I have listed the best wordpress free themes list:

  1. Twentee
  2. Kadence
  3. Astra
  4. Neve
  5. Blocksy
  6. Hello Elementor
  7. Ocean Wp
  8. Generate Press
  9. Spacious
  10. Zakra
  11. Popular FX
  12. ColorMag
  13. Hestia
  14. Sydney
  15. Phlox

Benefits of Free Theme

Free themes are free and most of the free theme don’t have lots of functions that’s why it is very lightweight. If you use a free theme then you don’t need to pay a yearly or monthly fee. If the theme is free then it will get free updates every time about bugs and the latest function.

Free themes are user-friendly and can be used by a newbie very softly. If you are not professional you can also handle a free wordpress theme on your own. The free theme which is popular is risk-free about viruses and hackers.

Disadvantage of Free Theme

As you know free means free so you will not get any premium functions on a free theme. To design a website with a stylish look you need much functionality. So if you use a free theme then you will not get all functions.

Unknown Free themes can be dangerous for websites. Because this type of theme doesn’t get updates. So it can become vulnerable after other technology updates. Free themes don’t provide you the priority supports as a premium user. If you need premium support then you need a premium theme.

Sometimes many free themes force a user to buy their premium plan. After completing the design of your website if a theme forces you to purchase a premium plan after their updates it became unfair for users. Otherwise, You can use free themes all time for your simple websites.


If you are willing to create a wordpress website and don’t need a lot of function then you can start with the best wordpress free themes. If you start the journey when you need premium functions then you can upgrade to a premium plan of that theme. So you don’t need to waste money right now. When you need then it will be the best investment. Follow my suggestions and start branding online.

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