Fix /bin/sh: 1: python: not found Visual Studio on Linux

/bin/sh: 1: python: not found

Visual Studio is one of the best code editors. Today I was trying to code python here. I found /bin/sh: 1: python: not found problem occurring on my Linux kernel. I searched for a solution online But did not get any good solution.

I tried to check on the terminal what happens if I run only the python command. Then I saw there is no python. It was updated to python3.

Then I figured out that the setting of the code runner has to change. The way I fixed it:

  1. Go to code runner and click on the settings icon.
  2. Click on Code-runner: Executor Map
  3. Edit in settings.json
  4. Go to 31 no. line
  5. Change the python to python3
  6. That’s it.

Now save it and try to run your python code. It will work then.

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