Free VS Premium WordPress theme: Which is Better?

Free VS Premium WordPress theme

Free vs Premium wordpress theme Both are best for WordPress websites. But most of the time we need to think about it before setting up a website using WordPress. Let’s do a detailed discussion about it.

What is a theme?

A theme is based on WordPress, which provides the structure to a website with popular page builders. Without a theme, you can not use WordPress. You can use WordPress without a plugin but can not use it without a theme. That’s why a theme is important for a WordPress website.

Benefits Of a Free theme

Free themes you will get on the WordPress theme store. You can use free themes unlimited times on an unlimited website. You don’t need to have the key to activate free themes.

Free themes provide limited functionality to a website. Such as you can not create a manual footer or you can not add a style box or you can enable a navigation bar. Actually, most of the free themes provide basic functions.

For simple websites, free themes are best. You don’t need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to the theme developers. If you choose the best theme for free then you can use many functions also for free.

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Benefits of A Premium Theme

Premium themes give you the premium feels with lots of functionality. If you need complete access to a wordpress theme then you need a premium theme. For premium themes, you have to pay for a theme subscription.

Premium themes will give you all functionality that is needed to build a website on wordpress. On a premium theme, you can set a custom header, footer as well as custom build structure for a website.

Most business-related websites need a complete function to build their website for the audience. That’s why a premium theme gives the benefit to get the whole functions of a website. You may check Astra Theme. It has 60+ benefits.

Cons of Free vs Premium WordPress Theme

Free theme is best if you are a beginner, and Premium is best if you are ready to do business online. Free themes provide limited functionality which is not good enough a create a good design wordpress website.

Premium Themes are best for lots of functionality but you will not get any trial chance to use the premium. Also there most themes charge yearly subscriptions for a theme to get updates. Which will cost you a yearly charge just to get updates.

Conclusion: Which is best?

In my opinion, when you are a beginner you should use a free theme. If you follow my checklist then you will find most of the features on the free theme.

If you are having business deal websites then you should go for a premium theme. Premium themes will give you the complete support to make your site modern. All the benefits you will get will improve your business strategy.

So, It will depend on your purpose of using to decide about free vs premium wordpress theme.

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