7 best free wordpress cache plugins

Free WordPress cache plugins

The cache is very important for a website’s longtime fast durability. To power up WordPress websites there are lots of free WordPress cache plugins available.

In a wordpress website, we can set up cache by coding but it is difficult. Also, the wordpress framework doesn’t have default cache functions. Therefore we have to use third-party cache plugins. Most of them are paid, but free plugins are also available. In this article, you will know the 7 best free wordpress cache plugin names.

What is cache?

The cache is one type of short-term memory. It stores the data from a website, app, or software. As we run websites, Every page has lots of content. When a browser loads the site it downloads the content from the website. The cache manager saves that content for a short time or long term depending on the website, app, or software demand.

Why cache is needed?

As I mentioned cache stores data, It is the main reason we need the cache. Cache stores the downloaded content from a website.

When we will revisit the website it will not re-download the whole contents, It will serve as a copy from the cache. By this method, the server response time of the website will be increased. Also, the Website will load much faster than before. We can set up the cache time period.

Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Opera all browser has cache storage management. The browsers will help to save the cache data on your device based on our setup. We can set up the time 1 minute or 1 year!

Are Cache plugins paid?

Cache setup is easy if you know that, If you don’t know then it is very difficult. Developers design a cache plugin taking a good time. They implement cache settings very highly. That’s why most of the premium cache plugins are paid.

But in the WordPress plugin store you will get free cache plugins for basic cache optimization. In the free version, you will get the functions that are highly needed for a website.

Free WordPress cache plugins

I have created a list of free WordPress cache plugins that has good optimization optimization options. It will definitely help you a lot. Read the list and choose one of them, I have added a conclusion about my opinion.


Autoptimize is a free and super simple cache plugin. You can easily enable cache with this plugin.

Autoptimize has more features as well, It can speed up your website by optimizing CSS, JS, images, HTML, and Google Fonts!

Simple Cache

The simple cache is a very simples cache plugin like its name. It will automatically set up the cache for your website. You have to install and activate. Then you have to:

  • Navigate to Settings > Simple Cache. Turn caching on > Done.

Cache Enabler

Cache enabler is a very lightweight cache plugin. You do have not to take the hassle to set up it because This plugin is made by the KeyCDN team. You have to just go to the dashboard of:

  • Cache Enabler > Enable cache > Put Cache expiration date > Save

Cache enabler has more functions, It can speed up your website by serving HTML files, enabling gzip, and making images .webp.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total cache is one of the most popular free WordPress cache plugins. It is a very easy setup and enables cache. You have to go to the dashboard and then enable the cache. You can set up the validity of cache expiration.

W3Total Cache has more features as well. It can minify objects, optimize pages for website speed and google ranking. Easily Integrate CDN.

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed is the most powerful and free cache plugin. It has lots of functionality on the cache setup. But it is very simple and easy. When you will enable the plugin you just need to activate the cache, Other functions has default setup. For a better setup, you can hire an expert.

Litespeed helps to improve website speed very much. If you have LiteSpeed server hosting then you can for it. It can help you with image optimization and website speed optimization. Know about LiteSpeed hosting and try to use it for a good experience.

WP Super Cache

Wp Super Cache is a good free wordpress cache plugin. This plugin is active on 2 million websites already! Because is a very fast caching engine. You have to just install and activate the plugin, That’s it.

It also helps to speed your website by producing static HTML files. You should try it if you are finding only well cache plugin.

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is a very simple free WordPress cache plugin. You can enable cache for logged-in or logged-out users. Stop cache for Admin. Reduce the server response time. You have to just install and activate the functions carefully. Then be tension-free!


The cache is important for a website, Google ranks the fastest website. Cache lifetime is important for website loading speed. It will improve speed as well help you to get a fast Google Ranking. You can also use a premium cache plugin like Wp Rocket to get fast speed without any hassle. Otherwise, You can still use any free WordPress cache plugin.

Know more about the ways to speed up a WordPress website.

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