How to disable the Cloudflare Cache

Disable The Cloudflare Cache

Whenever we use Cloudflare, by default Cloudflare provides a cache page to there all visitors. Here are simple steps to disable the Cloudflare cache.

While doing speed optimization by LiteSpeed I faced some problems regarding the Cloudflare cache, Which caused issues to see the original page after optimization. Sometimes even the page does not load correctly.

Cloudflare is one of the best CDN which provides massive results. But for a certain problem, we may need to disable the Cloudflare cache.

If you are using other CDNs as well then you might need to disable the Cloudflare cache. As per my research, the sites that use EZOIC ads got the best result after disabling the Cloudflare cache as it has its own CDN as well.

Steps to Disable The Cloudflare Cache

Enabling the Development Mode

You can easily enable the development mode on your Cloudflare dashboard. It will pause the Cloudflare cache pages. When you enable the development it will temporarily disable the Cloudflare cache for a temporary time.

Cloudflare development mode is used to see the instant changes on the site. Also, CloudFlare’s accelerated cache will be disabled. So it is one simple step.

Bypassing Cache by Page Rule

Bypassing the cache-by-page rule is a permanent solution to disable the Cloudflare cache. You need to follow the simple steps:

Go to Cloudflare Dashboard after login

> Chose your domain for the domain dashboard

> Go To Page Rules > Click on The “Create Page Rule”

Create Page Rule

> Add Your Domain name like*

> Set Cache Level to Bypass

Page Rule Deploy

> Save And Deploy

> Refresh Your Website to see the changes.

It is also an easy method to disable Cloudflare caching.

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