10 Best Image Optimization Plugin WordPress With Test Result

Image Optimization Plugin WordPress

Best Image optimization plugin WordPress helps to deliver a fast website and a good user experience. Compress images to reduce image size & save server resources.

Google ranks the fast speed websites. Lots of Images reduce the website speed, That’s why Image optimization is also important. If you are also finding the wordpress image optimizer plugin, then these posts will be very much helpful.

Why Image Optimization Plugin?

Basically, we should optimize images before optimization. But we can’t do it all time. But an image optimization plugin does optimization while uploading images on a website. It saves time.

WordPress Image optimization plugins help to turn image lazy loading and serve the latest Webp version of images which is recommended by Google. After optimizing images Image optimization plugin wordpress deletes the high size images automatically and saves space.

Some plugins support converting png images into jpeg images. Serve images from their server by CDN. All these features improve page speed and improve the user experience on a website.

Image Optimization Plugin WordPress

In these articles, I will list the 10 best image optimization plugins and provide you with the test result. Note that serial doesn’t mean 1st one is best and the last one not good. All the plugins that I will list are best, just they have some differences in pricing and features.

WordPress Image Optimization Plugin Testing purpose image

To choose an Image optimization plugin wordpress plugin these articles will be helpful. I will also add the website the links where you can easily compress images if you don’t use the wordpress website. I will use the above image (Size 420KB, JPG) as a default to compress and provide you with the compression test result at the end of the plugins list. Let’s Start the compression work with the Image optimization plugin wordpress!

Optimole Image Optimizer


Optimole optimizer is proudly known for its high-quality image serving if that is a thumbnail. The quality will remain the same just the size will be reduced. Optimole supports all types of image formats that available in the industry. So, you have nothing to worry about if your image format is not like png or jpg. They have more features like:

  • Fully automated plugin
  • Supports heavy page builders
  • Supports Cloud image library
  • Supports both Retina and WebP
  • Lazy load without jQuery (better)
  • Serve images from CloudFront CDN
  • Optimizes image scale based on the visitor’s actual device

Basically, we have to set up a correct scale image for the user’s best experience. But these plugin does a special action, It will optimize images based on every user’s device size!

It will make the user experience smoother. The CDN served the image very fast. You should definitely try it for one time. Because if the user’s internet connection is slow this plugin showed a low-quality image to load the page fast from global 200 cities.

Another special function of this plugin is it will add your watermark to the images. You will see lots of plugins, But they will not include these types of functions! Optimole does very hard work for it. You should try it!

Check Optimole Image Optimizer

Ewww Image optimizer

Ewww image optimizer

Ewww image optimizer is the popular Image optimization plugin wordpress, and the best plugin to optimize website images, They have a powerful CDN for serving images. All images can be optimized in WebP format. There all supported formats are JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF. PDF compression support makes the plugin more powerful.

Ewww image optimizers will not break your image quality it is guaranteed by them. After optimizing images you can delete the original images easily. Their more features are:

  • Auto Compress images
  • Auto WebP Format
  • Lazy Load
  • Auto Scale image size
  • JS/CSS Optimize
  • SWIS Performance
  • US & EU CDN

Above the features, you will get only on Ewww Image Optimizer. They have a great reputation in the industry also! I found a review about them-

It makes your site sing!

I have used this for a number of sites I have designed on WordPress and it’s fantastic. I like that, after I turn over the keys to the site owner, it will work in the background to keep the site healthy by optimizing the images they add. On the times I have written the author to ask a question about my subscription, I got a quick and polite response.georgiagGeorgia Gibbs

I personally prefer Ewww Image Optimizer if you have a good budget. Because you will love their yearly plans and super support. You will not get image optimization issues again on Google Page Speed Test. Also There CSS/JS optimization will highly increase the speed of the website.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Short Pixel

ShortPixel is my most favorite optimization plugin. IT optimize images and do great compression of media size. It supports compress JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, WebP, Aviv image file types. Serve the images from a fast-speed CDN. You can choose the image compression level here like:

  • LOSSY Compression
  • GLOSSY Compression
  • LOSSLESS Compression

If you wish to exclude any custom image then you can do it here. Compress 2x retina images easily. This plugin works very comfortably with both HTTPS and HTTP websites. You can run it on multiple sites. No size limit and works great for eCommerce websites.

Shortpixel not only optimizes images also helps to convert any png image to a jpeg image, Create WebP format and serve the images as WebP format for the website’s best performance. It preserved the image quality. This plugin will also help you to delete the original heavy images.

If you want to optimize images before uploading them on a website. You can use their online compression tool totally free of cost.

Wp-Rocket Imagify Optimizer


Wp-Rocket is one of the best website speed optimization plugins. It helps to speed up a WordPress website up to 100%. Wp-Rocket has there own Image optimization plugin called Imagify optimizer. You can optimize your images on Imagify easily. You can choose Imagify image compression level types like:

  • Normal
  • Aggressive
  • Ultra

By using Wp-Rocket you can enable the lazy load for website speed performance and Also can server images into WebP format. It will automatically optimize all images while uploading. Also, You can optimize your previous images by a bulk action.

Smush Pro Optimizer

Smush Pro

Smush Pro is known as the award-winning image optimization plugin WordPress. Smush optimize images to serve it fast and scale the images for a good fit on desktop as well as Mobile. They have a cool feature called Incorrect image size detection. These functions made the plugin different from others, It will show you what can be the correct size of your image, Then You can easily resize the images. There are more features:

  • Lossless Compression
  • Lazy Load image
  • No monthly limit
  • Directory Smush
  • Automated Optimization
  • Gutenberg Block Integration
  • Multisite Compatible plugin

Smush Pro optimizer lets you do WebP image optimization. It will detect automatically the correct size of the image and then optimize it into WebP format then It will serve the images with no slowdown using WPMU DEV’s fast, reliable Smush API. So you can go for Smush for a try.

WP Compress – Image Optimizer

Wp Compress

Wp compress is a newly arrived image optimization plugin WordPress. It has cool features about optimizing images, It will automatically optimize your files as well as images. The special of this plugin is you can take a custom domain to serve images by Wp Compress Lightning-Fast Hybrid CDN. It will optimize your images in real-time. Its more features are:

  • Adapt Images By Device
  • Remote Management
  • Create and serve WebP Images
  • Supports LazyLoad Images
  • Supports Retina Device 2x
  • Optimize & Serve CSS/JS
  • Unlimited Custom CDN Domains

Wp-Compress is new but arrived with tons of features. You can try it out as it is providing premium services at a medium cheap price. If you took the Agency pack then you will get MainWP Bulk Linking Tool for free and Whitelabel PDF + Email Reports to monitor the speed every time.

Robin image optimizer

Robin Optimizer

Robin Image optimizer is a fast and powerful image optimization plugin WordPress. They mentioned on their website that they can optimize an image up to 80% if that is png or jpg.

Robing optimizer optimizes images by removing the EXIF data and keeping the image quality the same as the original one. It helps to optimize images while uploading and can do bulk optimization. It reduces the weight of the image significantly.

Robin optimization works there best with Clearfy. It optimizes the site for a better user experience and makes the website faster.


Jet Pack

Jetpack is a website speed optimization plugin. It helps to speed up the website but it can be helpful for you. Because Jetpack provides image optimization service and it is one kind of Image optimization plugin WordPress. It has lots of functionality. You can optimize your website speed as well as security.

To optimize image optimization you have to enable it on your plugin settings. They serve images from their CDN. The more interesting fact is Jetpack is a partner of WordPress. It provides a backup service for websites. You can check your website security with JetPack mobile app.

Jetpack premium offers to Host ad‑free, high‑speed, HD videos in a player specifically built for WordPress. It improves the UX experience. But I want to mention, I saw many speed optimization problems on Jetpack. But still, you can use it for Image optimization.

LiteSpeed Cache


LiteSpeed Cache is a popular cache plugin for LiteSpeed Web Server Hosted websites. If you don’t know about LiteSpeed, Learn more about LiteSpeed Hosting. LiteSpeed Is completely free to use. It helps to speed up a website. But it has an awesome feature to optimize website images.

LiteSpeed cache compresses any type of image perfectly. You can remain your backup of original images or you can destroy the original images after optimization. It supports converting images into WebP versions.

LiteSpeed cache has Quic.Cloud servers all over the world. These servers help to optimize the images with a domain key. This domain key is also free for use. You can manually optimize images or It will automatically do bulk optimization of all images as a free Image optimization plugin WordPress.

This plugin has lazy load and responsive placeholder functionality to speed up the site load time. It can serve a low-quality image before the high-quality image appears. Or you can select a color for the placeholder. It can be the best option for your website.

TinyPng Image Optimizer

Tiny Png

TinyPng is a good image optimizer like other Image optimization plugins WordPress. But it can optimize your png and jpg images only. The optimization algorithm looks similar to Imagify. But tiny png premium has budget-friendly pricing and it is totally WooCommerce compatible.

There are also more features available on TinyPng as it can Automatically optimize the new images on upload. It optimizes the images in the background to speed up workflow. It has the functionality to optimize previously uploaded images in bulk.

If your site needs to resize images then it can give you the rest. TinyPng Automatically resizes images while uploading to make images browser responsive. Another good feature of this plugin, it can display JPEG images more quickly with progressive JPEG encoding and you can keep the Exif data, Use the Image optimization plugin WordPress on multiple sites with one API key without any size limitation.

Image Optimization Plugin WordPress Test Summary

Plugin NameOriginal SizeOptimized SizeSavedLevel Used
Imagify420KB184.46 KB55.07%Ultra
Ewww Optimizer420KB110KB73%Lossy
Robin Optimizer420KB178.74 KB58%High
Optimole420KB88 KB79.5%High
Smush Pro420KB276KB34.28%Lossy
Tiny Compress420KB245.6KB41%Default
WP Compress420KB219.4KB52.24%Ultra

Conclusion about Image Optimization Plugin WordPress

Image optimization is a major factor for a website that’s why we have to choose the best plugin surely. There are more image optimization plugins WordPress available like Kraken.io Image Optimizer, Resmushit, etc.

You will find free plugins from my list that I provided to use. But it is important to choose a budget-friendly optimizer pro version as free versions have limited functionality.

I will suggest you go with ShortPixel for a budget-friendly service. Or you can go with Ewww Optimizer for the best value service. Their performance is awesome as their algorithm is very advanced. They just took a little bit high cost. Or, You can choose Optimole for a mid-range service. Learn the ways to speed up a WordPress website.

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