Orbit Fox Companion powerful Plugin Review

Orbit Fox Companion

Orbit Fox Companion is a popular plugin. Today we will discuss its benefits and how we can get smart solutions from it.

Update: “Gutenberg Blocks” This module will soon be removed. 

Orbit fox companion a good know plugin which provide many solutions like social sharing options, menu icon, header or footer scripts, and more.

Why Orbit Fox Companion?

Orbit fox companion provides many items like all in one. So you do have not to enable different plugins for different reasons. It has also a privacy policy notice system. So you can show privacy policy notice as well. And the awesome fact is it is a completely free plugin with the benefits of Social Sharing Module, Gutenberg Blocks, Menu Icons, MyStock Import, Policy Notice, and Custom fonts functionality.

Social Sharing Module

You can share easily your content on social media websites. It has this functionality with the support of many social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Email, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Telegram, and more.

Gutenberg Blocks

It has Gutenberg blocks to create a website in Gutenberg. In this module, you can easily create a landing page by Gutenberg. You will get many functions that you can not get on another plugin without a premium.

It has a big library of icons. This icon you can use for the menu bar. If your website doesn’t support menu icons then it can be your best choice.

MyStock Import

Most of the time we need to visit free stock websites to collect images. Orbit Fox companion provides the functionality to import free stock images download directly from mystock import.

Policy Notice

Policy notice is an awsum function from this plugin. It shows the privacy policy notice with the policy link. It helps to get your visitors to know about their privacy policy on the website.

At this plugin, you will get a function to add your header scripts and footer scripts easily. You will not need any other plugin to install if your theme doesn’t provide these functions for free.

Custom fonts

Finally, you will get a custom font upload option here. If you wish to add a custom font on your wordpress website then you can use this plugin to add the custom fonts on your website very easily.


If you are finding a plugin that will give you those types of functionality then this is the right choice for you. Just go to the plugins option and add it. It will help you to get reach your visitor’s social accounts for your branding growth.

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