Top 10 WordPress theme detector in 2023

WordPress theme detector

WordPress framework gets a beautiful look by WordPress theme. We want to know which theme a website uses on their WordPress Website to look beautiful. You will know about the top 10 WordPress theme detectors.

What is a WordPress theme detector?

A WordPress theme detector is one kind of tool that measures a website’s front end to identify which theme that website is using. It helps other developers to identify the best theme for using on their website module.

If you choose the best theme then you will get a beautiful website. It is an important step before creating a new website. If you have already asked yourself which theme that website is using then read the blog completely.

How to detect a WordPress theme?

First, you need to get enter a site to link that I will provide under listed below. Then you have to enter the website link on the web page search tool. The website’s tools will check your link and identify the framework with the theme. And you will know the theme name and use it for your use.

Kinsta Theme Detector

Kinsta Theme Detector

Kinsta is a well-known hosting provider. They have such a great tool to identify a WordPress theme easily. Just you need to go on the website and provide the link on the search tool. They will give you:

  •  Theme Name
  •  Theme URL
  •  Version
  •  Author
  •  and more!

According to their website. If you need hosting you can also check them.

Site Checker Theme detector

Site Checker Theme Detector

Site checker is an awesome marketing tool and agency. They have lots of tools like a rank tracker, SEO checker, Traffic checker, Speed testing features, Backlink Checker, Similar websites, and more.

But the best thing is that they provide the theme detector feature as well. Just you need to enter your URL to check the website theme. They will check the website CSS file and other measurements functions to identify the theme and WordPress version. Their short system is:

  • Paste website URL into placeholder above;
  • Push the “Check” button;
  • Receive the result “what WP theme is that”.



Wp Theme Detector is another best tool to check WordPress themes. It is better functionality. And easy use of the system. Just you need to paste your favorite website link or domain name and they will provide you the theme info.

Gochyu Theme Detector

Gochyu WordPress Theme Detector

Gochyu theme detector is my favorite WordPress theme detector. It has a good feature that you can identify any theme in any framework. All websites don’t build with only WordPress. Some are built with other frameworks. So you can easily identify the framework with the Gochyu WordPress theme detector. They support according to the website:

  • Shopify
  • Drupal
  • Joomla!
  • Prestashop
  • Squarespace

Scan Wp

Scan Wp

Scan Wp is a fantastic WordPress theme detector. It will not show the theme name it will also show you the plugins name that the website using. You will know the theme price, tags, author name, and more info at Scan Wp.

Is It Wp

Is It Wp

Is it wp helps to identify you if the website is a WordPress website or not. If the website is a WordPress website then you will also know about the theme that the website uses. It will be best for knowing the theme info.

Themes Info

Themes info

Themes Info is another best theme detector. It will show the theme name with the author’s info. Also, you can know where you can get a theme. It also provides the plugins name that the website uses on their website. If you wish to know about plugins info then you can choose it to identify the theme name.

What WordPress Theme Is That

Which theme is that

This is another WordPress theme detector. This website will help you to identify the theme name and it is free to use. Put your favorite website link and know about it here easily.

Small Seo Tools Theme Detector

Small SEo Tool theme detector

The Small Seo tool can also detect WordPress themes. If you need to know the theme info on a simple interface you can check here.

WordPress Theme Detector Extension

Theme detector plugin

WordPress theme detector extension is a chrome extension. Which helps to identify a theme on a site. You don’t need to push the website link. Just install the extension and visit the website. It will show you the theme names and installed plugins info at this extension.

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